Diet and Exercise Are Key to Beating Common Irregular Heartbeat

7 February 2015
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7 February 2015, Comments: 0


#Diet & Exercise Are Key to Beating Common Irregular Heartbeat.
Healthy eating and exercise habits may help with controlling atrial fibrillation in older individuals. In a recent study whose participants were patients who had undergone a catheter ablation to treat atrial fibrillation, researchers found that those who took part in a program designed to reduce lifestyle risk factors such as being overweight, hypertension, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, sleep apnea, smoking, and drinking were five times more likely to be alive and free of heart problems five years later than participants in a control group. Lead author Dr. Rajeev Pathak adds, “This study should serve as a wake-up call to physicians to begin prevention programs to reduce disease states rather than focus on their treatment only, and the good news is: it is never too late to start.”
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, December 2014


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